FoldCharger - Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

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Charge Your Devices All At Once!

Charging all your devices can mean messy cables and overloaded sockets, this is why the FoldCharger is such a useful tool to have. The FoldCharger enables wireless charging for 3 different devices all at the same time.

The FoldCharger is a foldable magnetic pad where you can lay your devices to charge instantly. It can also transform into a phone stand so that you can use your phone while it is being charged.


Key Benefits

Foldable Body - The FoldCharger can be your desk companion wherever you're topping up your device's power. You can also use it as a nightstand so you can check the time or set an alarm on your phone with ease.

Quick Charging - FoldCharger is strong enough to quickly charge 3 of your devices at the same time. No more messy cables since your phone, watch, and earbuds can be charged on one device.

Ergonomic Design - Lights turn on when your devices start charging on the FoldCharger. Magnets are also in place to help you align your device without a hassle.

Portable Size - The FoldCharger can be folded up and packed in your pocket. This way, you can bring this around with you and set it up in seconds.